See How Your Website Looks Using iPhone Simulator
April 21, 2009

Semi useless post of the month.

Say you don’t have an iPhone but you have a Mac with OS X 10.5, and you want to see how your web-site might look like on an iPhone.  You can:

1. Install the iPhone SDK – see this guide for instruction.  Along with the SDK, there’s an iPhone Simulator.

2. Launch the iPhone Simulator.  It is usually installed at
Macintosh HD:Developer:Platforms:iPhoneSimulator.platform:Developer:Applications.
(Or just use the Finder to search for “iPhone Simulator”. )


3. Run the iPhone Simulator and open the Safari on the simulator.


4. Enter the website address that you want to see.


You can rotate the phone by selecting Menu->Hardware->Rotate Left or Rotate Right