It has been a long life for the old design.  I held on to it for a long time because a lot of content (tutorials, scripts, demos) aren’t easy to port.  To put things into perspective, the old site was built over 15 years ago.  That’s a very long time.  It has simple navigation, with […]

Here’s the source to my Tic Tac Toe PHP game. I originally wrote this in Perl before porting it to PHP. It’s quite primitive (load a new page every time you make a move). It has a computer opponent with a decent AI, implementing Minimax (see for more) algorithm. You can see it running here. […]

We’ve just released an online version of a Mahjong game.  It has colorful ‘abc’s, ‘123’s and patterns.  Play it for free here. In this game, your task is to find and match identical tiles and clear the board. It’s not as simple as it sounds, because some tiles are blocked you must try to move tiles […]

Apps Website
December 5, 2014

Over the years, we have built many apps for Android, iOS, Kindle, Nook, Windows Phone and Blackberry.  We have just completed a website to promote and showcase the apps that we built. is the website (also accessible from the MOBILE APPS link on top of this site).   Please have a look and try our apps. […]

Just received an email from Microsoft notifying us that another one of our app will be featured on their Windows App Store.  Thank you Microsoft.  The app is Pumpkin Vs. Tennis.  This is a game where you throw tennis balls to destroy pumpkins and other Halloween themed objects.  Please check it out when you have a […]

I receved several emails from Windows Phone Store Apps team.  The emails mentioned that Soccer Ball Knockdown is being featured by Microsoft in their Windows Phone Store in various markets (China, UK, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Poland, etc), between 29 September 2014 to 20 October 2014. Thank you Microsoft.   In addition to Windows Phone, the […]

The app is a jigsaw game built with Adobe AIR.  Now available in Amazon App Store, Nook App Store, and iTunes, as well as Samsung Apps. There are two dozen pictures included in the app.  What’s also cool is that on most devices you can import your own photos and the app will turn them into jigsaw puzzles.  That […]

We have upgraded one of our most popular online activity: Kaleidoscope Painter.  It now runs on a larger dimensions and easier and more fun to use. Now you can Print and Save — and Java is no longer required. Hope you like the improvements. If you’d still like to play the previous version, it is […]

We released a fun educational game: Sorting Machine. The app challenges users to arrange tiles by dragging and dropping them to the correct places. Kids will enjoy playing while learning about sequencing, sorting, alphabet, numbering, geometry, math — and more — in this fun and educational cognitive game. Features Six levels of increasing difficulties. Variety of challenges, […]

Play the classic Mahjong with colorful galaxy and space theme. Your task is to find and match identical tiles and clear the board. It’s not as simple as it sounds, because some tiles are blocked you must try to move tiles that will unblock more tiles. Over two dozen of layout configurations to play including […]

Well, after procrastinating for a while, I finally published my first iTunes Mac App Store app, which you can see here:  This is not a mobile app, but a desktop version built for Mac OS  from the same code base that has been used for mobile builds here:   I want to share my experience in […] For a limited time.  We’re giving away the iOS version of this fun painting app for free.  Get it from: Please get it and if you enjoy it, would you consider reviewing and/or rating it in iTunes? With intuitive touch interface, you’ll be having fun in no time. Just touch the screen and swipe, […]