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May 16, 2009

Running Mac OS X Leopard on Netbooks (Mini Laptops).

Yes, I know it can be done but I wasn’t brave enough to try it.  Mac OS was built to handle some set of hardware, which Apple know for sure are on their Macs.   And when Mac OS is run on a machine where it’s not supposed to, then hardware problem galore awaits.  But some netbooks are close enough to Macs that it is do-able.

Okay, well, actually, I just didn’t want the hassle.   Is it worth it?  Apparently, yes to some, and no to others.  Read this Wired Magazine article describing the process of installing Mac OS on a PC netbook:

Eight months after, they posted two opposing opinions; one reviewer said: “Fantastic” but the other said it sucks (the exact word is “It Ain’t Pretty“).

The positive post:

The negative post:

Wix – Flash Based WYSWYG Web Site Editor is a new web-site where people can create Flash based websites.  I tried it for a test-run.  Upon login, you are asked to create an account, which is very simple process with no long form to fill.  Good.  Then you can select from several templates (currently, there are about 80 templates).


The interface is intuitive and pretty good.  You can create multiple pages.  Result can be posted in many of the popular social sites (such as MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook), or on Wix hosted site (the free version contains ads).  Here’s an example (no I don’t have property for sale, it’s from one of their templates)


Stop WordPress Auto Formatting Madness

This has bothered me for many times: my post kept getting messed up, code inside <pre> blocks getting reformatted, line breaks and &amp; and spacers being added, even though I’m editing in HTML mode, etc, etc.  I lost count of how many times I have to re-type <code> because it kept getting reformatted.   Try this plug-in: Raw HTML – to stop wptexturize from messing with your code.