Running / Testing Multiple IE (Internet Explorer) Versions On The Same Machine
October 20, 2009

As web developers, it is crucial to test on various browsers. A common problem is testing multiple Internet Explorer versions on the same Windows system, since Internet Explorer overwrites previous version during upgrade.  Follow this links that explains how to install multiple versions:

There is also a free software named IETester, from that works well and is very convenient to use because it has it’s own installer and the interface allows you to view multiple versions of IE windows within one application, and even has some developer tools to help tracking down bugs.

When running IETester, you will be presented with ribbon style Windows interface.  The main ribbon contains browser like “Previous”, “Next”, and “Home” buttons.  To open a page, select which IE version to render the page with, by clicking ont of the IE buttons on the ribbon bar.

There’s also a nice debugging tool named DebugBar, which shows the DOM tree, scripts, etc.  Fans of FireBug will like this feature, which is free for personal use.

The window looks like this:

IETester also displays alerts upon script errors, which helps nailing bugs.