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Android 2.2/Froyo On Nexus One — Flash Too
October 10, 2010

So this is an old news, but I installed Froyo on a Nexus One phone and here are the two changes I noticed:

  • Sleeker home screen.  There are now three peranent icons on the bottom of the screen, Phone shortct, Applications shortcut, Browser shortcut.  The Application screen seems to have longer trails (the perspective icons on the top and bottom).

    Note: the above is not the default home screen (I have some custom widgets running).

  • Flash support.  Tried on several Flash websites and they run quite well although some games ran out of memory and obviously the games designed to be used with mouse are difficult to control with fingers touches.  Performance issues are also present but these games I tired were not specifically written for phones/Android (they were running in browsers).
  • Here are some screenshots: