Collection of Proverbs & Idioms App
September 14, 2019

We’ve just released an app, which is now available for Android and iOS:



Beautiful reference style app, like a digital pocket reference, that provides hundreds of phrases (proverbs, wise/wisdom sayings, and idioms) and their meanings. The app has 3 sections: CollectionsSlideshow and Reference. You can browse, discover, explore and learn about proverbs and idioms, as well as their meanings. Includes a searchable database of the phrase and meanings. We hope that exploring their meanings and interpretations will brighten your days and give some understanding of the worldview & people.

In the Collections section, we categorized the phrases to make it easy (and fun!) to explore various subjects. It contains topics that may reflects life in general, such as ‘happiness,’ ‘job,’ ‘marriage,’ ‘friendship,’ ‘business,’ ‘forgiveness’ and even ‘funny.’ It’s often fun to find ‘truism’ and ‘advice’ in the proverbs and sayings. You might even smile when you encounter an ‘aha’ moments as you realize that the words in a proverb reflect to your experiences. As a bonus category, we include popular Latin phrases such as “carpe diem,” “ad infinitum.”

If you don’t know the meaning of a proverb, the explanation is provided in an easy to discern format, in English. Don’t know the meaning of a phrase, use the Search feature on the Reference section, and if found, you can learn the interpretation/meaning.

– Use the app like a pocket reference book. Explore, read, and mark your favorite proverbs and phrases.
– Clean, elegant user interface.
– Selection of categories.
– Zen-like slideshow mode. You can let the app run by itself, displaying random proverbs and phrases while you relax while enjoying the beautiful scenic/picturesque backgrounds.
– Phrase list screen, containing a list of all the phrases in the app, along with their meanings. Like a mini-dictionary of phrases which is handy as a reference material.
– Mark your favorite proverbs and return to them later.