Reaching 1 Million Downloads on Our 9th Year as Apps Developer
May 31, 2020

May 2011 was the month I released my first app on Google Play. (I think it was still called Android Market at that time). This month, May 2020, marks the 9th year since then and coincidentally, we have just reached 1-million downloads this month, which is quite an accomplishment.

On the screen below, we can see some more data about our apps from What’s interesting and awesome is that we’re on the top 5% on some metrics. For example, having 1-million downloads puts us on top 5% among the peers, which I am really humbled, proud and thankful about. Further, we have over 5700 thousand users who have rated one or more of our apps, and the number of ratings also puts us on the top 5%.

Also notice that the average rating across all of our apps in Google Play is 4.28 (out of 5 stars) at this moment, which is great (this number will obviously fluctuate as time goes by – hopefully increasing).

Many thanks for everyone who download and use our apps! 

If you haven’t already, would you checkout our apps? They can be found at Google Play or on our sister site,