Easter Egg Paint


Design, save and send colorful Eggs to friends and family.

  • Click the Paint tab and start drawing and placing stickers.
  • The slider bar allows you to change brush size.
  • The Import button allows you to import photos (to be wrapped into the egg!).
  • Select a Message (in the Tools tab) to display.
  • Email, save, print and more… read about them below.


Click the Paint tab then hold-down the left mouse button while moving the mouse.

  • Use the Sticker button to place stickers (you can also drag the stickers to form paths).
  • Import photos if you want to create some quick funny egg.


Yes, you can now save the design into your computer. Just click the Save button in the bottom bar to do so, and you can return at a later time to reload. If you just want to save a snapshot image, use the Save Image button (under Tools tab).


You can now load previously saved designs from your computer. Just click the Load button to do so.


Send the design as e-cards to friends and family. Go to the Tools tab and click the Email Card button.

The greeting e-card email will look like below:



In the 3D view, you can click and draw your mouse to slightly adjust the 3D camera angles. Use the Camera button to cycle through different camera angles. Note that during painting, the camera will follow your drawing cursor position.


Click the Print button (under the Tools tab) to print.


Showcase time! Under the Tools tab, you can post to the gallery. See and rate what others have designed and compare how you have fared. To go to the gallery, click here. (Save your design first if you want to save it.)


If the applicaton is running to slow, try chaning the detail-level: Right click on the application window, select Quality->Low.


(C) 2011 F. Permadi.
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