Halloween Card Maker


It’s the time of the year for pumpkins, ghouls, and witches.
Design, save and send animated Halloween cards by dragging and dropping icons onto the stage. Here’s a more detailed instructions to enjoy this Halloween cards maker.

  • Drag icons from the grid into the left side of the screen.
  • Move the icon to the position that you wanted.
  • Resize the icon using Enlarge and Shrink button.
  • Select a Message (in the Tools tab) to display.
  • Drag more icons and make some wonderful designs.
    Enlarge the currently selected icon.
    Shrink the currently selected icon.
    Rotate the currently selected icon.
    Remove the currently selected icon.
  • Click on the tab (the blue one) to see more options, such as Print, Save Image, and Send Card:
  • From the Tool tab you can Email, save, print and more… read about them below.


Click the Animate button to animate the Valentine’s Day card.


Click the Print button (under the Tools tab) to print the Valentine’s Day card.


Click the Save button (under the Tools tab) to download a JPG file of the Valentine’s Day card.

If you wish to save an animation, use the Facebook Post To My Wall feature (accessible from the Tools tab). You can click on the title of the wall post to revisit and enjoy the animation again.

Alternatively, you can email the card to yourself (under the Tools tab) and click the link in the email to load the animation.


You can email your Valentine’s Day card to friends and family. Go to the Tools tab and click the Email button. Here’s an example:

Please do not spam. Report spam to permadi@permadi.com with subject line: E-Card Complaint.


Here are some examples that you can enjoy (click to open):

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Credits, Attributions and Acknowledgements (In Alphabetical Order)
Thanks to the following sites for their icons and artworks. Visit them for some great icons.