Voxel Walkaround
Voxel Speed Test

A Voxel applet programmed as a proof of concept.
What is Voxel?
Read more about it at Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voxel).

This content requires Java plug-in. What is it?

This takes a while to load.
Please be patient.

Use the arrow keys to move around.
PG UP & PG DOWN changes height
Or, use:
i‘ = move forward
k‘ = move backward
j‘ = move left
l‘ = move right
q‘ = move up
a‘ = move down
w‘ = look up
s‘ = look down
(If the keyboard is not responding, then the applet has probably lost focus, click inside the applet to regain focus.)

This applet programmed by F. Permadi, 1996

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