Thank you for checking out our asset!  Today (July 22, 2016), our Unity3D Asset, 3D Voxel Cube Spaceships Sampler, is “number two” most popular asset on its Sub Category (3D Models/Vehicles/Space).…/3d-voxel-cube-spaceships-set-65813 If you enjoy voxel, cube style games, check out the demos using the asset: Play WebGL Demo 1 (3D perspective arcade game) Play WebGL Demo 2 (2D […]

We’ve just release a free asset on the Unity Asset Store. If you use Unity3D, definitely check this out:  Unity version 5.3.0 or newer required. The asset contains stylized 2 models/prefabs of 3D spaceships that can be used on 2D or 3D games. In addition to the models, the asset package comes with two demo of space […]

We’ have just released a new puzzle app.  The app is a peg/marble solitaire game where you have to solve over 100 puzzles using the familiar peg solitaire rules. The game is easy to play but hard to master. The rule of the game is simple: remove all pegs from the board except the last one. You […]

Barnes & Noble officially closed Nook Appstore on March 15, 2016.  You can read the announcement at The closure isn’t a complete surprise because sales have dwindled a lot in the past years.  But we’re still sad to see it go as we have had very good successes with their stores and it was one […]

We’ve just released Basketball Master Challenges, a “basketball-throwing” game on iOS and Android (including Kindle).  In this game, you aim with your finger to score a number of required goals to pass to the next level. The mechanic should be familiar as there are many games using this mechanic.  Our game is different from the […]

By popular requests, we’have just added about half dozen of new custom rainbow palettes to Kaleidoscope Painter.  Check it out.  Hope you like the improvements.  As always, feel free to send us feedback and comments.  Have fun painting and coloring!

Holiday Card Maker
December 1, 2015

This Holiday season, enjoy relaxing time with our Holiday Card Maker.  Just drag and drop icons to make symmetrical patterns. Then watch the patterns animate.  You can even make this an e-cards to send to your friends and family. Note: Requires Flash enabled browser.

We’ have just released the 2016 version of our hit mahjong game.  The new app, titled Mahjong Holiday Joy 2016 is available for Android, Kindle, Windows and Windows Phone.  Check it out at Key features: Holiday themed Mahjong solitaire game. Sequel to our best seller mahjong series with more fun festive art. Easy to learn, […]

The new version of Kaleidoscope Painter has been released.  It’s at The new release has been rewritten in new technology (HTML5 and Javascript).  This means that Flash or Java plug-in is no longer required.  It should play on regular browser.  It also works on most mobile/tablet browsers, too, although for best experience, we recommend […]

Hello all, we’re working on a new web/online version of Kaleidoscope Painter.  It will not require Flash.  (We understand that some browsers now do not support Flash by default and there has been issues with Flash player itself.  This new version should resolve the Flash issues since it uses HTML and does not require any […]

We have just released a new app: Archery Master Challenge.  It is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android devices, including Kindle Fire and Nook.  FREE versions available in Google Play, Apple’s iTunes Appstore, and Amazon’s App Store.  You can find the download links at If you like sports and particularly: archery, I […]

    It has been a long life for the old design.  I held on to it for a long time because a lot of content (tutorials, scripts, demos) aren’t easy to port.  To put things into perspective, the old site was built over 15 years ago.  That’s a very long time.  It has simple navigation, with […]