One of the my favorite games was Xenon 2 Megablast.  It’s a vertical-scrolling space-shooter game, the best-looking on the PC that came out in the late 80s, best looking VGA shooter at that time.   It has five (or six, can’t remember) stages , each looks completely different from the others.  The enemies are varied and […]

I got a PSP 3000 last yeat and have been looking for a converter to watch DVDs on the tiny PSP screen while I’m on the road. Here are some that I found by searching: PSP Video ( PSP VC ( Magic PSP Video Converter ( PSP Converter ( Many of them are cumbersome to […]

March 17.  One of the four companies that went IPO this year is Changyou., is the company behind Massive Multi-Playe Online Game Tian Long Ba Bu, made the biggest IPO offering so far in 2009.  Owned by parent company Sohu, Changyou was launched in 2006 and now has over one-million active users.     […]

March 24, in Japan, a robot was introduced during a fashion-show.  Why a fashion-show?  Don’t know, reportedly, she walk on catwalk with models also. The robot is named HRP-4C.  It look closer to humans (or anime characters from video games) than other robots I have seen the pictures of, even with the Storm Trooper attire.  […]

John Carmack of Wolfenstein fame has released an iPhone port of the ground-breaking game.  Read his note and insight into iPhone game-development at: Source code download link: Apple Store link: Note: screen-shots taken from Apple’s AppStore.  

I Bought A Mac
March 1, 2009

Because I want to do iPhone programming, I decided to bought a Mac.  I couldn’t decide which one, I had considered getting a Mini Mac, or even a net-book.  Yes, a net-book because Mac OS can be installed on some net-books, such as what is said here in Gizmodo’s article on how to turn a […]

Why I Bought A Mac
January 15, 2009

I have been a long time PC users (21 years to be more precise — I feel old) and have resisted Macs.  Actually, I haven’t used Macs much and I guess I am resisting it. I decided to to buy a Mac because: I can install Windows on it (Intel processor). I want to write […]

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