The Andoid programming book, Pro Android Games mentions’s Raycasting Tutorial. The chapter is about developing games on Android, the mobile OS from Google. The tutorial refered is applicable for all devices, since it’s mainly about the concept, so why not head over there and learn about ray-casting. An excerpt from the book is shown […]

Chrome is shaping up to be the best browser around.  It’s fast and it is developer-friendly, with its own Firebug-like tools.  Under View->Developer->Developer Tools you can find the goodie. See below for screenshot. The Element inspector can be accessed with the Magnfying Glass icon on the bottom, and then you can hover your mouse to […]

This is curently in beta and has nice layout where the bottom of the screen contains a set of commonly used task icons, a calendar on the top, and flippable orientation when in horizontal position. .  Screenshots are from Nexus One.

Flash Gaming Summit 2010
February 13, 2010

The second annual summit will be held in San Francisco in March.  Participants include Mochimedia, Adobe, Kongregate, Traffichoney, and Gabob.  For more details, see

Here are some Free Home screens that I have tried.  Most of them are free at the time of testing.  I am using Nexus One phone. Chinese New Year ( Andro OS ( IPhone ( In Cloud ( Hero Style Home ( Slide Screen ( Wave Screen ( N/A Christmas (

I installed Windows 7 Beta on my Mac Book Pro and it is running quite well.  I am using VMWare Fusion 2 running on top on Mac OS X Leopard. Some issues: 1) It kept complaining that the Windows needs to be activated, but this actually it is a Beta version. 2) The Wireless network […]

It has been almost a month since Asus announced that they’re coming out with DVD-drive equipped Netbook; the 1004DN shown below.  Read the announcement from Asus. I still can’t find it being sold anywhere.  When it is coming?  Meanwhile, you can read the review of 1004DN at Liliputing. If you can’t wait and live in […]

One of the my favorite games was Xenon 2 Megablast.  It’s a vertical-scrolling space-shooter game, the best-looking on the PC that came out in the late 80s, best looking VGA shooter at that time.   It has five (or six, can’t remember) stages , each looks completely different from the others.  The enemies are varied and […]

I got a PSP 3000 last yeat and have been looking for a converter to watch DVDs on the tiny PSP screen while I’m on the road. Here are some that I found by searching: PSP Video ( PSP VC ( Magic PSP Video Converter ( PSP Converter ( Many of them are cumbersome to […]

March 17.  One of the four companies that went IPO this year is Changyou., is the company behind Massive Multi-Playe Online Game Tian Long Ba Bu, made the biggest IPO offering so far in 2009.  Owned by parent company Sohu, Changyou was launched in 2006 and now has over one-million active users.     […]