March 24, in Japan, a robot was introduced during a fashion-show.  Why a fashion-show?  Don’t know, reportedly, she walk on catwalk with models also. The robot is named HRP-4C.  It look closer to humans (or anime characters from video games) than other robots I have seen the pictures of, even with the Storm Trooper attire.  […]

John Carmack of Wolfenstein fame has released an iPhone port of the ground-breaking game.  Read his note and insight into iPhone game-development at: Source code download link: Apple Store link: Note: screen-shots taken from Apple’s AppStore.  

I Bought A Mac
March 1, 2009

Because I want to do iPhone programming, I decided to bought a Mac.  I couldn’t decide which one, I had considered getting a Mini Mac, or even a net-book.  Yes, a net-book because Mac OS can be installed on some net-books, such as what is said here in Gizmodo’s article on how to turn a […]

Why I Bought A Mac
January 15, 2009

I have been a long time PC users (21 years to be more precise — I feel old) and have resisted Macs.  Actually, I haven’t used Macs much and I guess I am resisting it. I decided to to buy a Mac because: I can install Windows on it (Intel processor). I want to write […]

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