Examples Here are examples of posting to Facebook well feed using the Javascript Graph API: https://www.permadi.com/tutorial/facebook-js-graph-api-post-to-wall/index.html There are two examples there, one using the FB.ui (to show dialog) and the other using FB.api.  The difference is that the FB.api method does not display any user-interface (dialog), so this is best used for canned messages. Code […]

You can try the example for this guide at: https://www.permadi.com/tutorial/facebook-js-oauth-popup-centered/index.html Background The normal way to open the OAUTH dialog is as described here, by calling: You can open the dialog in the same window, like this: More details can be read here. The normal route if you want to show the dialog as a popup […]

This is intended for non programmer as a step by step guide of how to to display Flash content in a Tab page. (Note: technically, there’s no longer Tabs in Facebook pages since Facebook moved the tab to the left Sidebar, but I will still refer them as Tabs). Non developers no need to freak […]

Just received the following Press Release from Packt Publishing, one of the book listed is for Away3D: “Packt has this week announced a series of discounts and promotions on its selection of Open Source Graphic Applications and Library books. The Open Source Graphic Applications and Libraries Month will offer readers exclusive discounts of 20% and […]

The traditional method of adding custom contents to a Page is by using the Static FBML application. This approach has a lot of limitations, such as not being able to call Javascript or PHP files.   This method as you may already know, it is being deprecated by Facebook.   See Developer Roadmap. The other […]

Easter Your Friend
April 10, 2011

Easter is coming soon, so why not send some Easter Greetings to your friends and family? Easter Your Friend will paste your friend’s photo into an Easter Egg. You can then email it as ecards or post it to Facebook walls. See an example below. Please upgrade your browser Play now. Happy Easter!!!

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Google MAP API version 3 to find a location and puts a marker on the MAP. For information about setting up the map, see here: /blog/2011/04/using-google-map-api-3-for-javascript-beginner-how-to-and-example/.     New to Version 3 of the API is the Geolocation service, which enables you to retrieve the location information (including longitude […]


If you have set user your user name via the Account Setting, it can be very hard to find your numeric user id. In fact, it’s annoyingly hard. I don’t know why this information is not somewhere obvious, like in your Account Setting section. Why can’t they put it there? It’s not like the user […]

The Google MAP API version 3 offers improvements over the previous versions that makes it easier and more convenient to use. The one I like the most: you no longer need to obtain an API Key to use, very convenient.   You can read more about the changes and the API here: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/basics.html. This guide […]

Paint An Easter Egg
March 23, 2011

Easter is coming so why not paint an Easter Egg (in 3D!)? You can then send e-cards to friends and family, post to the gallery, post to Facebook Wall. Go here to start.

Updates Facebook requires the use of OAUTH2.0 nowadays. Some of the changes required are: session is now called authResponse. getSession is replaced with getAuthResponse. perms is now called scope. The zip file linked below has these changes (there are changes in .as and .html side and in the first frame of the example .FLA). Please […]

With the Facebook introduction of Graph API, there are several ways of authenticating (logging in user) and displaying the permission request. Before we continue, let’s see an example of two of them: Popup Authentication This method spawns a new bowser window (as popup) containing the form: Same Window Authentication This methods opens a Facebook page […]