Using modules enhances scalability (i.e.: your application code does not have to reside in one swf, which quite possibly will grow very large as features are being added).  In this tutorial, we explores how to create and load a Module in a Flex Builder Action Script project. Create an Example Project Create a new Action […]

The is a popular feature of Facebook that have been implemented by many websites.  The widget increases traffic and helps to publicize your stuff.  The Facebook official documentation about how to do this is here: In general, the process is fairly simple. Requirement – You should have a Facebook account (this is actually optional […]

Adobe Flash

So this is an old news, but I installed Froyo on a Nexus One phone and here are the two changes I noticed: Sleeker home screen.  There are now three peranent icons on the bottom of the screen, Phone shortct, Applications shortcut, Browser shortcut.  The Application screen seems to have longer trails (the perspective icons […]

It has been a long time since Java was introduced and Java is no longer the darling it once was in the web-app arena or applets; partly because much of its functionality has now been replaced by Flash and Javascript.  Although Java is still a force in the back-end/server side and enterprise arena, you don’t […]

Using FileReference, you can allow user to upload files from their computer to be used. This can be useful in applications such as photo processing applications, image manipulation applications, etc. For more information, see: Here’s the general outline of the steps required to load a file from user’s computer. Note that these steps require […]

WebM is the new media-container format announced by Google during the Google I/O conference this year. For a broad overview of WebM, see this post: WebM is based on MKV (Matroska) container format, which uses EBML structure to store informations, tagging and organizing data in hierachial tree-like structure.  EBML is a basically binary version […]

Sample WebM Video
May 19, 2010

Below is a sample WebM video encoded with Wildform Flix which is a FREE WebM encoder. You need a HTML5 enabled browser and browsers that support WebM videos. And while at it, why not read WebM Overview. Which browser can see this video? I tested playback with these Chromium builds (Chromium is the base of […]

WebM Overview
May 19, 2010

On, February 19, 2010 Google finalized its acquisition On2 Technologies, the creator of the VP8 codec, the codec used in WebM. (On2 (formerly The Duck Corporation) was also the company which created VP6, the video codec used in Adobe FLV2 format.) On May 19/20 during the Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google released […]

Download the Free software from Wildform (currently Windows only).  Check for updates, Flix WebM will also support 2-pass encoding in the near future. Open the input video (this video should be playable on your computer as Flix uses codecs installed in your computer to read the video).  Almost all format are supported: WMV, MOV, AVI, […]

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