Continuing from: Base class for the objects in the game. Let’s consider what objects will be in our game. I can think of three-types: Player ship Enemy ship Bullet These objects have in commons these charateristics: They all have positions. They all can move (needs speed variable). Let’s call the base class GameObject from […]

In this tutorial, we will continue building a simple space-invader type game. We will be continuing from the tutorial presented in Part1 at; however, we are making some major changes, and I’ll explain why. The first change has to do with restructuring the CSS code so that most of the objects within the game […]

Dashcode is another tool that comes with Apple iPhone SDK.  It allows you to create simple applications.  You can read an introduction to Apple’s Dashcode here.  In this tutorial, we will demonstrate interactivity and animation.  Familiarity with JavaScript and CSS is assumed. Our example will be a framework for a space-invader type game.  There will […]

Included in the iPhone SDK is another “application-builder” named Dashcode.  If you have the iPhone SDK installed (and the iPhone SDK is the only way to get Dashcode as far as I know), then you can find Dashcode at Developers::Applications folder. The icon looks like this: Dashcode was originally a tool for developing Widgets, is […]