Continuing from Part 1, this part will demonstrate the followings: * Loading image dynamically using UIImageView * Using array Step 1 Open the Ball project created in Part1. Step 2 Import another image into the Resources Group (you can use the same image as previously, but it won’t be as much fun). Step 3 We […]

iPhone likes CAF (Core Audio Format), but how do you create or convert to a CAF file? 1) Use the afconvert tool from Apple. This is a command line application that you need to run from the shell prompt. Example: Documentation: To batch multiple files, I have found it useful to write a batch […]

There are what will be demonstrated: * Using Transformation. * Using UIImageView. * Using interval for animation. * Associating image with objects. * Deriving a class from UIImageView. Step 1 Create a New Project. Select iPhone OS Application -> View-Based Application. Name it Ball. Step 2 Import an image into the Resources Group.  If you […]

In this example, we will use Cocos2d’s scripted animation to create a bouncing ball animation. This example assumes familiarity with setting up a simple cocos2d project.  Please review the previous guides if necessary.  The example below is based on the cocos2d example named Click And Move which came with the cocos2d package. Note: this guide […]

Here are some links to get started with iPhone game programming: Brandon Trebitowsky at has nice tutorials on Game Programming using the UIImage.  Following the first two-parts of the tutorial, you can build a nice pong-like game.  He also has sections for iPhone general programming, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing […]

Hello Cocos2d
April 8, 2009

This is a guide to create a Hello World application for cocos2d.  If you have not installed and compiled the Cocos2d successfully, then follow the previous guide here. Note: this guide is written for cocos2d version 0.71. If you are using 0.73 or later and are having issues, check the following post: Step1 […]

John Carmack of Wolfenstein fame has released an iPhone port of the ground-breaking game.  Read his note and insight into iPhone game-development at: Source code download link: Apple Store link: Note: screen-shots taken from Apple’s AppStore.