WebM is the new media-container format announced by Google during the Google I/O conference this year. For a broad overview of WebM, see this post: https://www.permadi.com/blog/2010/05/webm-overview/ WebM is based on MKV (Matroska) container format, which uses EBML structure to store informations, tagging and organizing data in hierachial tree-like structure.  EBML is a basically binary version […]

Sample WebM Video
May 19, 2010

Below is a sample WebM video encoded with Wildform Flix which is a FREE WebM encoder. You need a HTML5 enabled browser and browsers that support WebM videos. And while at it, why not read WebM Overview. Which browser can see this video? I tested playback with these Chromium builds (Chromium is the base of […]

WebM Overview
May 19, 2010

On, February 19, 2010 Google finalized its acquisition On2 Technologies, the creator of the VP8 codec, the codec used in WebM. (On2 (formerly The Duck Corporation) was also the company which created VP6, the video codec used in Adobe FLV2 format.) On May 19/20 during the Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google released […]

Download the Free software from Wildform (currently Windows only).  Check for updates, Flix WebM will also support 2-pass encoding in the near future. Open the input video (this video should be playable on your computer as Flix uses codecs installed in your computer to read the video).  Almost all format are supported: WMV, MOV, AVI, […]

Adobe Flash

Here are two easy to produce effects (although could be processor heavy) and simple animations that anyone can create easily in Flash on the timeline or in the code. These effects can be applied using Flash CS3 and above. Evaporate Effect This can be simulated using the Blur filter combined with Alpha tweening.  The key […]

Chrome is shaping up to be the best browser around.  It’s fast and it is developer-friendly, with its own Firebug-like tools.  Under View->Developer->Developer Tools you can find the goodie. See below for screenshot. The Element inspector can be accessed with the Magnfying Glass icon on the bottom, and then you can hover your mouse to […]

In this example, we will be adding a watermark (logo) into an image using PHP and GD library. For introduction to PHP GD, visit this post: /blog/2010/03/using-php-gd-to-create-images/ This is the logo image that I will be using: This logo is a PNG file with alpha channel. With transparent images, using PNG is better than using […]

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