Ray Casting Techniques Demo Series - Part 7

This is a ray casting demo, to be used as a companion to the Ray Casting Tutorial at https://permadi.com/1996/05/ray-casting-tutorial-table-of-contents/

Sixth in a series of ray casting demos:

  • Vertical motions: ability to look up, look down, fly and crouch.

    To move around, use the arrow keys on your keyboard or:

  • W = move forwad
  • A = turn left
  • S = move down
  • D = turn right

    Vertical motions:

  • Q = look up
  • Z = look down
  • E = fly
  • C = crouch

    Checkout the source and other demos in the series in the Git Hub repository

    Vertical motions section: https://permadi.com/1996/05/ray-casting-tutorial-16/ and https://permadi.com/1996/05/ray-casting-tutorial-17/