Kaleidoscope Painter

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Wait until the app loads, then click the app's canvas.  Move the mouse around the canvas while the mouse button is pressed.  Drag slowly to create smoother drawing.

Clear Button
Click this button to clear the canvas. (Make sure to Save Image To Disk first if you want to save your current painting.)
Dyna Brush Checkbox
Check this box to make brush size change dynamically as you paint.
Brush Size Slider
Drag the slider handle to change brush size (this will disable DynaBrush).
Canvas Color Button
Click this button to select canvas color.
Brush Color Button
Click this button to select brush color.
Rainbow Checkbox
Toggle 'rainbow' pallete. When enabled, brush color will change automatically.
Save Image To Disk
Click this button to download the painting into your computer as a standard image (png) file. (If you can't open the file, please append ".png" to the filename.)
Print the the image. (To save ink, we recommend that you use a lighter Canvas Color.)

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Kaleidoscope Painter Is Created and Programmed by F. Permadi
Copyright 1998-2014 F. Permadi
All Rights Reserved

This application is copyrighted and the app binary file may not be used/placed on other website.
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