May 2011 was the month I released my first app on Google Play. (I think it was still called Android Market at that time). This month, May 2020, marks the 9th year since then and coincidentally, we have just reached 1-million downloads this month, which is quite an accomplishment. On the screen below, we can […]

We have just released a new word game, WordFind Blocks Crusher on Google Play. It’s a puzzle game where the aim is to find words within grid of stacked blocks/tiles. Mark the words by swiping horizontally or vertically. Keep finding and marking all the words to win the level. There are over 1000 levels to […]

We’ve just updated the Android version of our Crossword game. We made aesthetic improvements to make the texts easier to read. If you enjoy playing crossword puzzles, then pleae check it out:

App Updates
May 20, 2020

I recently got a new phone and noticed that “button” clicking wasn’t working properly on some of our apps (sometimes the buttons require multiple clicks). This issue only happened on some devices. It turned out that the “scrolling” and “swiping” mechanism that we used was too sensitive on devices with ultra high screen resolution (such […]

More levels have been added to the Android version of our Fantasy Mahjong game. We also added a way to Pause: clicking the option button during game will now pause the game. Please update to enjoy the new levels: We hope you like the additions. If you haven’t tried the game yet, please give […]

Our hit mahjong game is now available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). If you enjoy Mahjong solitaire (also known as Mahjongg or Majong) then checkout this fantasy themed version of the game. Vibrant RPG/fantasy illustration tiles, accompanied by atmospheric visual effects and music. We think the game is a unique mahjong experience and we hope […]

We have added more word categories on the Android version of our word game. Please check it out at We hope you enjoy the new additions. Here are some of the categories available now on the Android version:

Due to popular request, we have added an Hint option to the Android version of our Guess the Phrase, Proverbs and Idioms app. The Hint options will reveal letters being used. Please checkout the game if you haven’t already. It’s available at

We’ve just released an app, which is now available for Android and iOS: Android: iOS: Beautiful reference style app, like a digital pocket reference, that provides hundreds of phrases (proverbs, wise/wisdom sayings, and idioms) and their meanings. The app has 3 sections: Collections, Slideshow and Reference. You can browse, discover, explore and learn about proverbs and idioms, […]

Gomoku Game Released
August 14, 2019

Play #gomoku with another player or against the computer #AI on our #android #game.…

Uploaded source code and demos for our ray casting tutorials to GitHub ( Ray casting is a popular graphic rendering techniques in the 90s, used to render semi-3D worlds in many games.  These repository contain demos for the ray-casting tutorials at Read through the tutorial to learn the concept behind ray casting, then […]

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