Throughout this year, we have released over 500 new levels and half a dozen additional tile sets on the Android version of Fantasy Mahjong. Please be sure to get the update so you can enjoy all the new additions. The latest version can be found on Google Play at: (If you already have the app, […]

We just uploaded an update to Knockdown the Pumpkins 2 on Android. The update contains the followings: Fixed a rare bug where the ball count wasn’t properly counted. Fixed a bug on some devices where targets appear off-screen. Improve scaling on devices with very tall screen aspect-ratio. If you haven’t already, please check it out. […]

We added a new cool machine into Cookie Bulldozer – Idle Clicker game on Android. There are now 4 machines that you can play in the game. The game can be found on Google Play at: Summary of features: – A “clicker” game where you play a bulldozer machine to collect cons and virtual […]

Mahjong Galaxy Space is one of our most downloaded apps and already has over 100,000 downloads. In this update, we added more boards and adjusted some of the tile sets to make them more distinct. If you already have the app installed, please be sure to update to get these addition and improvements. If you […]

We released a new version of Hexagon Tower Balance on Google Play with the following updates: Rebrand the app to better reflect the game. New levels added. Difficulty adjustments (we heard from players that some levels are too hard, so made them easier). Adjusted scaling so that the game will adjust size better on very […]

May 2011 was the month I released my first app on Google Play. (I think it was still called Android Market at that time). This month, May 2020, marks the 9th year since then and coincidentally, we have just reached 1-million downloads this month, which is quite an accomplishment. On the screen below, we can […]

We have just released a new word game, WordFind Blocks Crusher on Google Play. It’s a puzzle game where the aim is to find words within grid of stacked blocks/tiles. Mark the words by swiping horizontally or vertically. Keep finding and marking all the words to win the level. There are over 1000 levels to […]

We’ve just updated the Android version of our Crossword game. We made aesthetic improvements to make the texts easier to read. If you enjoy playing crossword puzzles, then pleae check it out:

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