Xcode Tips
June 9, 2009

More tips can be found in this other post: https://www.permadi.com/blog/2009/05/apple-xcode-shortcuts-and-tips/. Creating Classes Diagram There’s a handy feature to create class diagrams in Xcode, using Class Model feature.  To create a diagram for the whole project, select the project name in the Group & Files panel. Then select Menu->Design->Quick Model->Class Model.  You will be asked to […]

Continuing from Part 1, this part will demonstrate the followings: * Loading image dynamically using UIImageView * Using array Step 1 Open the Ball project created in Part1. Step 2 Import another image into the Resources Group (you can use the same image as previously, but it won’t be as much fun). Step 3 We […]

iPhone likes CAF (Core Audio Format), but how do you create or convert to a CAF file? 1) Use the afconvert tool from Apple. This is a command line application that you need to run from the shell prompt. Example: afconvert -f caff -d LEI16 myAudio1.wav myAudio1.caf afconvert -f caff -d ima4 myAudio2.wav myAudio2.caf Documentation: […]

LocalConnection enables two or more Flash files to communicate with each other. You can also use other methods, such as SharedObject, but the benefit of LocalConnection is the real-time nature of LocalConnection. For more information, click Adobe documentation here. For an introduction to LocalConnection, please see this article which explains how to set up a […]

Here are some links to get started with iPhone game programming: Brandon Trebitowsky at http://icodeblog.com/ has nice tutorials on Game Programming using the UIImage.  Following the first two-parts of the tutorial, you can build a nice pong-like game.  He also has sections for iPhone general programming, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing […]