In this part of the turorial, we will explore how to extend WordPress forms to show new fields in Custom Post Types that we created in the previous part of the tutorial. The previous part of this tutorial can be read here: This part of the tutorial will show you how to create custom […]

Custom Post Types functionality is added in WordPress 3 (it was present in 2.9 but with limited featrues). Broadly speaking, with Custom Post Types, your Posts (also commonly referred as blog-enty” or “blog-post”) are no longer limited to the two predefined types of Post and Page and most likely you end up with the standard […]


First, get the Facebook code that you’d like to use. There are several variations described here: An example code is shown below (depending on which options you chose, the code may look slightly different: The section to pay attention to is This contains the URL to ‘like,’ and we will modify the value depending […]

I am using WordPress 2.9 for this example: Open Appearance -> Editor. Locate the php file that is being used to display categories.  It’s either Archieves.php or Categories.php.  You can echo something and open up a category page in the browser to see which one is being used. You can also edit the file in […]

Here are some plug-ins that enables execution of PHP code within a WordPress post (I am using WordPress 2).  Read this if it doesn’t work: For these to work, it’s best to use the HTML editor when editing posts, not the Visual editor.  I also find that toggling ftom HTML to Visual […]

New version of WordPress for iPhone Beta is available at Note: Clicking image below will take you to the WordPres for iPhone page.

If you use WordPress (I am using 2.7), you may have experienced the WordPress formatting quirks and annoyances.  It is annoying it is to include JavaScript or Flash into WordPress posts. The code you entered kept getting reformatted, even when using html editing mode. Plus, when using the build-in uploader, the Javascript and SWF filenames […]

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May 16, 2009

Running Mac OS X Leopard on Netbooks (Mini Laptops). Yes, I know it can be done but I wasn’t brave enough to try it.  Mac OS was built to handle some set of hardware, which Apple know for sure are on their Macs.   And when Mac OS is run on a machine where it’s not […]

Showing A Page Element Sometimes Only I am facing a situation where when an user opens and ad, I wanted to show an interstitial advertisement sometimes, but not all the times, say only 50 percent of the time.   This is actually quite easy to do, but you should at least know PHP and be comfortable […]