Using Embed IFrame To Add Frames Into WordPress Posts
June 7, 2009

If you use WordPress (I am using 2.7), you may have experienced the WordPress formatting quirks and annoyances.  It is annoying it is to include JavaScript or Flash into WordPress posts. The code you entered kept getting reformatted, even when using html editing mode. Plus, when using the build-in uploader, the Javascript and SWF filenames get renamed (to all lower-cases), opening tags gets changed to &, etc.


To workaround this problem, I decided to use iframes. Thanks to a plugin called Embed IFrame, now I can just create the into a separate html (and separate folders), and just add the SWF or JavaScript into a separate html, upload them separately and them embed the separate html into the post. This work-around does not work for all cases, especially if the WordPress page needs to interact with the SWF or JavaScript object; but for most cases, it is good enough.


Embed IFrame‘s home-page is at


The format is simple, just enter :


For example, below I embedded a page from