STEP 1 Open an image.  Here’s my sample… a dog.  You need to make sure that the image is on RGB mode, and not indexed color image (gif files are indexed).  If it’s indexed, then convert it to RGB (Image>>Mode>>RGB Color). STEP 2 Do Filter>>Sharpen More on the image.  STEP 3 Do Filter>>Sharpen More again […]

STEP 1 Create a new Document, 200×200 pixels, RGB color.  Fill the image with 50% gray (do Edit : Fill : 50% Gray).  The size doesn’t really matter, that size is used for the sake of this tutorial. STEP 2 Filter:Noise:AddNoise. Use: Gaussian Monochomatic Amount of 50 STEP 3 Filter:Noise:DustAndScratches. Use: Radius of 1 pixel […]

STEP 1 Create a new Document, 200×200 pixels, RGB color, set background to any color.  (The size doesn’t really matter, I selected that size just for the sake of this tutorial.) STEP 2 Do Filter->Noise->AddNoise.  Use Gaussian, Max Amount, non Monochomatic. STEP 3 Do Image->Adjust->Hue/Saturation. Make sure Colorize is selected.  Set Hue to -149, Saturation […]

STEP 1 Create a new document with the following setting: RGB color, White background.  For this tutorial purpose, I created a 150×150 pixels, 72 dpi image. STEP 2 Use the Rectangle Selection tool to make a selection rectangle which covers the whole bottom half of the canvas. STEP 3 Click the Gradient Fill tool in […]