Background This is a quick walk trough on how to use ANE (AIR Native Extension) in Flash Professional CS5.5. I assume you know what ANE is, but if you want, you can read Abode’s overview here ANE it basically a method to call native code from within Adobe AIR applications. To use Native Extension, […]

Background Captive Runtime is introduced in AIR 3.0 and it allows the AIR runtime to be packaged with your APK so that when user starts the Android version of your application, the user is no longer required to download and install the AIR runtime (this happens if the user does not already have the same […]

This is intended for non programmer as a step by step guide of how to to display Flash content in a Tab page. (Note: technically, there’s no longer Tabs in Facebook pages since Facebook moved the tab to the left Sidebar, but I will still refer them as Tabs). Non developers no need to freak […]

Using modules enhances scalability (i.e.: your application code does not have to reside in one swf, which quite possibly will grow very large as features are being added).  In this tutorial, we explores how to create and load a Module in a Flex Builder Action Script project. Create an Example Project Create a new Action […]

Using FileReference, you can allow user to upload files from their computer to be used. This can be useful in applications such as photo processing applications, image manipulation applications, etc. For more information, see: Here’s the general outline of the steps required to load a file from user’s computer. Note that these steps require […]


Flash CS4 has features can be used to define variables for conditional compilations.  It is useful to use one code base for multiple versions or to tag part of code to compile only under some build. The dialog is avaliable at: File->Publish Settings.  In the Publish Settings dialog, select the Flash tab and then click […]