Netbook With DVD Drives. Where Are They?
May 3, 2009

It has been almost a month since Asus announced that they’re coming out with DVD-drive equipped Netbook; the 1004DN shown below.  Read the announcement from Asus.


I still can’t find it being sold anywhere.  When it is coming?  Meanwhile, you can read the review of 1004DN at Liliputing.

If you can’t wait and live in Japan on the other hand, there are some already available.

For example, the Mouse Computer‘s LB-F1500W Netbook


And the Kojinsha SX3KP06MS


Some asked: why would I want a DVD-drive in a Netbook?  It’s because want to watch movie and do computing during travel.  Without a DVD drive, I need to bring a separate portable DVD player or an external DVD player.

By the way, I have a one-year old mini external DVD drive, made by Sony.  It’s great, except it needs a power source on it’s own, unlike some newer drives which gets power from the USB, which means whenever I need to use it, there are two more cables hanging around.