There are built in library to do RSS Feeds, but won’t it be nice to build our own and be able to customize the output.  PHP 5 or later is needed for this method because it uses SimpleXML. Below are some useful links that we use in this tutorial. SimpleXML overview and example: SimpleXML […]

This is curently in beta and has nice layout where the bottom of the screen contains a set of commonly used task icons, a calendar on the top, and flippable orientation when in horizontal position. .  Screenshots are from Nexus One.

There are several method to parse XML data using PHP, one of them is using SimpleXML. SimpeXML requires PHP 5 or better but is one of the easiest way to parse XML in PHP, you can use object notation to refer to nodes. The SimpleXML API documentation is here: Example 1 Here we show […]

There are times when you might want to capture the screen for demonstration or tutorial purposes.  The easiest way is using the ddms application included in the Android SDK (  This example is using Android SDK 2. Connect your phone with the computer Goto the folder where the Android SDK is, (and under tools folder) […]

Flash Gaming Summit 2010
February 13, 2010

The second annual summit will be held in San Francisco in March.  Participants include Mochimedia, Adobe, Kongregate, Traffichoney, and Gabob.  For more details, see

Here are some Free Home screens that I have tried.  Most of them are free at the time of testing.  I am using Nexus One phone. Chinese New Year ( Andro OS ( IPhone ( In Cloud ( Hero Style Home ( Slide Screen ( Wave Screen ( N/A Christmas (

Here are some plug-ins that enables execution of PHP code within a WordPress post (I am using WordPress 2).  Read this if it doesn’t work: For these to work, it’s best to use the HTML editor when editing posts, not the Visual editor.  I also find that toggling ftom HTML to Visual […]

Using iPhone SDK 2.1.   Background User Preferences are data and settings that are saved by your application.  The iPhone OS has a mechanism that enables an application to “associate” its settings with the default iPhone user interface.  You can access applications settings by selecting the Settings icon in the main iPhone screen.  Try it […]

New version of WordPress for iPhone Beta is available at Note: Clicking image below will take you to the WordPres for iPhone page.

If you use WordPress (I am using 2.7), you may have experienced the WordPress formatting quirks and annoyances.  It is annoying it is to include JavaScript or Flash into WordPress posts. The code you entered kept getting reformatted, even when using html editing mode. Plus, when using the build-in uploader, the Javascript and SWF filenames […]