Google Chrome: Developer Friendly, No Java Support On Mac (Yet)
April 1, 2010

Chrome is shaping up to be the best browser around.  It’s fast and it is developer-friendly, with its own Firebug-like tools.  Under View->Developer->Developer Tools you can find the goodie. See below for screenshot.

The Element inspector can be accessed with the Magnfying Glass icon on the bottom, and then you can hover your mouse to highlight and chose elements to inspect.

And yeah, it allow on-the-fly editing too.  For example, below, hey look I just made the Google button bigger:

No Java Support On Mac

Strangely, the current Mac version (5.0.342.9 beta) does not have Java support.  Strange because Google’s own Android OS uses Java.  Oh, I’m not saying forever though, surely it’s coming, it’s still in beta after all.