Free Unity3D Assets: Voxel Cube Spaceships
July 1, 2016

We’ve just release a free asset on the Unity Asset Store. If you use Unity3D, definitely check this out:  Unity version 5.3.0 or newer required.


The asset contains stylized 2 models/prefabs of 3D spaceships that can be used on 2D or 3D games. In addition to the models, the asset package comes with two demo of space arcade games (with the source and project files included).  The link to the WebGL output of the demos are below.

List of contents:

  • 2 space ships (OBJ model files and prefabs).
  • Two example games using the assets: top-down 2D style and 3D perspective style. Note that these example games are fully playable but not intended to be complete (for instance, there’s no menu or title screen).  The complete game projects are included, so you can use it as a starting point to make your games.
  • Bonus: 8-bit sound effects.
  • Bonus: stylized “exploding cubes” particle system.



  • The cubes are textured so you can swap textures and change their color. The default prefabs use the same set of textures so you can batch swap the color palettes of the whole set.
  • The edge frames (outlines) are in the textures. They can easily be removed, made thicker, changed to different color by editing the textures in image editors.


DEMO (please use Desktop browser)
Play WebGL Demo 1 (3D perspective space arcade game)
Play WebGL Demo 2 (2D top-down perspective space arcade game)


Once again the link is:

Hope you enjoy the asset. And please rate and/or review it on the Unity Asset Store.  Rating and reviews will help us a lot and will motivate us to develop more assets.   Feedback and comments are welcome.