Here’s the example files for /tutorial/as3-save-photo-to-facebook-album/ Remember to change the APP_ID with your own APP_ID in order to make it work on your server domain (i.e.: the APP_ID in the FLA and client_id in the index.php).  You can rename the index.php to index.html if you are not using php. The example is written in Flash […]

Please upgrade your browser Download It (requires Flash CS4 or newer) The code is in the actions layer on the FLAs main timeline. To use the example on your site, you need to change the APP_ID. The download already includes the facebook-actionscript-api files, located within GraphAPI Source_1_5 folder (you can get the latest facebook-actionscript-api from […]

The guide below is an extension of this tutorial: The function to get your profile picture is Where uid is the Facebook user id. Once you establish a Facebook connection, your user id is available at Facebook.getSession().uid. So we can call: This will give you the URL which ‘theoretically’ you can ask a Loader […]

Updates Facebook requires the use of OAUTH2.0 nowadays. Some of the changes required are: session is now called authResponse. getSession is replaced with getAuthResponse. perms is now called scope. The zip file ( linked below includes these changes (there are changes in .as, .html files and in the first frame of the example .FLA). Please […]

Flash Gaming Summit returns in February 27 to San Francisco.   If you plan to attend or nominate, you can register on the event site This yearly summit is organized by MochiMedia.

Using modules enhances scalability (i.e.: your application code does not have to reside in one swf, which quite possibly will grow very large as features are being added).  In this tutorial, we explores how to create and load a Module in a Flex Builder Action Script project. Create an Example Project Create a new Action […]

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So this is an old news, but I installed Froyo on a Nexus One phone and here are the two changes I noticed: Sleeker home screen.  There are now three peranent icons on the bottom of the screen, Phone shortct, Applications shortcut, Browser shortcut.  The Application screen seems to have longer trails (the perspective icons […]