Using FileReference, you can allow user to upload files from their computer to be used. This can be useful in applications such as photo processing applications, image manipulation applications, etc. For more information, see: Here’s the general outline of the steps required to load a file from user’s computer. Note that these steps require […]

Adobe Flash

Here are two easy to produce effects (although could be processor heavy) and simple animations that anyone can create easily in Flash on the timeline or in the code. These effects can be applied using Flash CS3 and above. Evaporate Effect This can be simulated using the Blur filter combined with Alpha tweening.  The key […]

This post continues the topic of reading and parsing RSS2 feeds which were discussed in the previous post and can be found here: Building from the example in that post, we will do the following improvements here: Cycling though posts. Enabling users to read the full post. To begin with, we added two buttons […]


This is a basic example of loading and processing RSS2 Feed in Flash. It assumes familiarity with the Flash authoring environment and basic programming, in particular, XML processing and text field. For an introduction to using XML in Flash, you are encouraged to read this post: For our example, let’s use RSS2 standard since […]

This post is a continuation of Part 1, which can be found here: To make it easier, here’s again the example XML that we are using: Now let’s start putting these nodes in their intended places. To print the node and node, we can simply refer to it by using E4X notation like this […]


Flash CS4 has features can be used to define variables for conditional compilations.  It is useful to use one code base for multiple versions or to tag part of code to compile only under some build. The dialog is avaliable at: File->Publish Settings.  In the Publish Settings dialog, select the Flash tab and then click […]

Playing F4V F4V is the next incarnation of Flash Video which supports H.264 video (MPEG-4), which is more efficient for HD quality videos.   More about F4F:  To play F4V, the player must be Flash player 9 In many cases, the existing FLV player code can be used to play F4V.  The key is […]